Robin and I just celebrated our first anniversary in our new Brawner custom built home. We love it and would do it again in a heartbeat. To anyone thinking of building a custom home, I encourage you to do your homework and research then put these guys to the test. We did and it worked out great. Concerning cost, Billy beat all bidders, in one case by just a few hundred dollars in another case by almost one hundred thousand dollars so buyer beware. We were skeptical about going with the lowest bidder, but one meeting with them and we were sold. And we weren't the only ones. Our local home inspector kept making comments about the "upgrade in materials" this house must have. Unaware of any special upgrades I spoke to Billy and his only comment was "I build them like I would want mine built." The bank inspector once made the comment "You guys got a great deal on this house." It makes you wonder about how the other guys are building houses In the end just like the website says, they built us a home as opposed to a house and we consider Billy, Suzy and Tommy personal friends. We hope they feel the same way about us. We'll recommend them to anyone anytime.

Ed and Robin N. // Athens, TX

When it comes to modern design and quality construction, Brawner Custom Builders ranks near the top of the industry. Their patience, professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to the highest standards make them a leader among custom homebuilders in the metroplex. When family and friends compliment us on the beauty of our new home, we proudly give all the credit to Brawner Custom Builders.

Brian and Sheri M. // Sunnyvale, TX

The use of the words "honest" and "builder"; don't usually come in the same sentence for most people. However, I feel that you are a unique individual that's in the business with the genuine goal of building a quality home at a fair price. Many of the features that make my home special and unique were not in the original specifications and were added at your suggestion. This simply would not have happened with any other builder, and I greatly appreciate what you did for me.

John C. // Kaufman, TX

We would like to thank you for all the things you did to help us build a new house. We needed to see the work of your sub-contractors and you provided the addresses of several houses in various stages for us to inspect. You worked with the architect in making changes to the plan. You made excellent suggestions for changes/ improvements along the way. We were constantly informed of your schedule even when you were going out of town on personal business. When we wanted to do something different, we were able to work directly with the subs to convey our ideas. We were given the freedom to choose materials outside of the sample selections in your office and truly build a "custom home". We especially appreciate your allowing us to use the garage next door for short-term storage when we needed to move out of our previous home quickly. This is service that goes above-and-beyond being our builder. We are truly grateful that your name was given to us as a reputable builder and we are more than happy to pass your name on again.

Larry and Denise S. // Forney, TX

Tiffany and I have now been in our new home for 6 months and I wanted to take a minute to thank you. For a young couple looking to build their first home, we were very apprehensive about the complexities and challenges we might be facing. You are a rare blend of integrity, professionalism, perfectionism, and courtesy. When those attributes are backed by years of experience, the end result is something very special. You constantly adapted to make sure that we were happy. When we notified you half-way through the building process that we were expecting our first child, you shared in our joy and you helped us make sure that we were building our home and not just a house. I can't tell you how many compliments and comments we have received on our home. Visitors to our home constantly point out the intricacies and custom touches you made that make our home unique and ours. You made sure that we were comfortable with every choice and clearly understood the parameters and possible consequences of every decision. We never had any doubt that you always kept our best interests in mind, and it was obvious that you truly take the time to make sure that it is a very personal experience that results in a very custom home. We are so thankful that you were our advisor, our builder, and our friend. Thank you again for making our first home building experience something that we will reflect on with no regrets. 

Andrew and Tiffany H. // Crandall, Texas

When we started the process of building a new custom home months ago, my wife and I interviewed several local builders. We immediately began to notice a trend, these guys were either too busy, or lacked the common courtesy to keep their word. Tasks as simple as a call back were rare. When we met Billy Brawner, the trend was broken. From the beginning, Billy Brawner kept every promise and never missed an appointment. Although we knew he had other concurrent projects, Billy always made us feel exclusive. We are now living in our beautiful new home and have no doubts about having made the right choice in a custom builder.

Chuck and Joy C. // Kaufman, TX

Brawner Custom Builders made building of our dream home the most enjoyable and exciting time of our lives. Mr. Brawner's years of experience and attention to detail delivered a high quality home at an affordable price. From the signing of the initial contract to the closing we always felt like our house was the only project Mr. Brawner was working on. Brawner Custom Builders turned a lifelong dream into a reality.

Ricky and Cheryl W. // Kaufman, TX

We were very apprehensive about building a custom home, but Billy Brawner put our minds to ease during our first meeting. He assured us that building our dream home could be hassle free and might even be fun. He was right! He kept us informed and involved in every step of the way...there were no surprises. We are thrilled with our Brawner Custom Home and still can't believe we are actually living our dream.

David and Deborah B. // Kaufman, TX